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2009: Year of Ups and Downs [Yearender Special]

Before I will start this entry, I would like to share to you a thing that happened while writing this. Recently, some of my, well, enemies during the year, suddenly gave me a message greeting me a “Happy New Year”. I was not expecting for such, since we disclosed our communications with each other. And I suddenly felt happy, and at the same time, confident that 2010 will be much more than what I’m receiving now for this year. Hopefully.

Now to start off, here are some things that have happened to me, whether it’s with my love life, personal joy, or other nonsense that made me happy, cry, and not impressed.

The happenings (not in chronological order, but still in order):

First month of 2009, shortly after 2008 ended, I met a girl named Jeanica. We shared the same thoughts and ideas in life, despite the fact that we are opposite in gender. We had the constant communication, until we fell in love with each other. We loved, and I was loyal. Unfortunately, something happened. Both of our parents found out about our relationship, and so, they demanded us to have separate ways. And we had no choice, but to follow them. After that incident, communication still goes on, but we only treat ourselves as friends, until it was gone by March.

Around summer of 2009. Here comes life after death, or to rephrase, life after torture. I enrolled in College, under the course of BS IT. Fortunately, God was so good, that I was able to enroll in one of the prestigious universities in the country. So to perk up and prepare myself, I have to reduce some weight. So I have to sacrifice my sleep and have to wake up early. Good thing the results were that great. Thinking of it as a burden was what have been stuck into my mind. But indeed, life and some things would help you out in good path. So I have decided to perk up more, by reducing on what I eat and leaving those, I think, wouldn’t help me out. So the results were just fine. And when the first day funk came, it wasn’t a hassle.

While on vacation, I have discovered new things. Thanks to some influence and curiosity of such, I have discovered Facebook. I was curious on what is it, so I tried. And I was so amazed that almost everyday, this has been become a part of my routine. Addiction to it came in, but it’s just ok after all, since it was summer vacation then. Started following some people whom I know who have such, until I decided to go for celebrities. First friend in Facebook: Tricia Gosingtian. Yes, the famous and uber-kawaii photographer. I know many of you will react, because of it. But don’t worry, she has deleted me . At least, still, I am a fan of her. Then Plurk comes in. out of curiosity, I created for one. And I was amazed how people started to add me as their friend. That was awesome. Being in these “social networking” sites don’t really mean that you’re a social climber. It’s just that you love to socialize with others, so that you will gain more friends, and of course to have fun. Going back, in Plurk, I wasn’t able to get on how to use it, until I started to gain some friends and boom, I suddenly know it already. It was all thanks to Allana Mari Bartolome. If well, not for her, I will remain a newbie and ignorant of Plurk.

Also during that time, love is really that powerful. Well, I fell in love with her, and so was she. We lasted, until it was my fault, that’s why we have to let go of it. But we still have communication. Also, during that time, Boys Over Flowers became that famous. There was this friend of mine whose user name was Geum Jan Di, which is also the name of the girl protagonist in said show. And so, to keep up with it, I also changed my user name from blackhunter09 to Goo Jun Pyo, who is the main male protagonist. We shared some laughter and fun, until she posted her picture. I was thinking that this girl I’m talking with is just a kind of “poser” or something, but I was so amazed to her beauty to the extent that.. well, I fell in love. She don’t know about it because I try to hide it off, as if it’s nothing.But love is really that powerful after all. Until I tried to get her, through her friends.

And so the classes came. I was in the block section, so I need not to worry about the professors. So I had fun, fun, fun. I was wishing that it’ll be vacation again, because I find it kinda boring. Thinking I could get over this boredom, I tried myself to go for the gold, which means my love to be expressed to her. So I had to find a way on how to commence my plan. So I asked the help of her two friends, Denise Rivera, and Bea Webb, as what she prefers to be called. Anyway, things happened. Unfortunately, due to my being “torpe” type, I didn’t make it. At least I tried. Recently, she deleted me in her social networks as her friend, because, maybe of what I said to her before. Oh well, gotta move on.

I forgot, during summer, I was viewing this blog where they feature girls all over Asia. Clue: it is where the Hayden-Katrina videos originated. Anyway, I discovered Alodia Gosiengfiao. I really had no clue about her, and stuffs. And so my admiration came. Her cosplays were so awesome that I have to search ala-geek on what is cosplay. Thanks to Wikipedia, I got the info I needed. And I was amazed. I would like to credit her on these things:

*Influence in anime

*Influence in Japanese music

*Influence in photography (her sister, Ashley) and cosplaying

Thanks to her, I was inspired to become acquainted in Japanese art culture, on which I still enjoy now. She might not be reading this, but I’ll thank her then.

Oops, my entry got that long! =)) Anyway to sum it up, 2009 was full of bang and at the same time it was full of oh noes and nu ni nu. To end this entry, I would like to thank the persons who influenced me, whether it’s about cosplay, lovelife, hobbies and others who changed me as who I was in 2008.

1. Ethyl Ann Marie Ceniza

2. Therese Poticano

3. Amery Kirstie Tumulak

4. Jeanica Alexis

5. Allana Mari Bartolome

6. Alodia Gosiengfiao

7. Gerlyn Velasco

8. Bea Webb

9. Clare Valentine

10. Regina Visitacion

11. Plurkers

12. Facebook Friends

13. PinoyPSP Co-members

14. Tricia Gosingtian

15. Ravi Villanueva (haha kalimutan tika.)

and lastly:

15. Denise Rivera (fwendship), for being there in bad and good times. Hihi. ;)

Now to greet you all a..

Happy New Year To You And To Your Family!

Now to prepare myself and leave those things behind and move on to a new dawn of 2010.

Happy New Year, blackhunter09 [June Hizole]

2009: Year of Ups and Downs [Yearender Special]

The Christmas of Blackhunter09, Some Other Entries [A Christmas Special]

“Merri Kurisumasu minna-san desu!~”

Hi readers! It’s been a while since I have posted some blog entries. The reason: I was busy with school, so therefore I had no time posting. And unfortunately, I’m now a bit of grounded whenever it’s school days, so that means, no touching of laptop. I just don’t get it why do they (parents) have to be that way, even if I’m already in college. So moving on, I would like to share some of my latest escapades and journeys in life. It might be that long, but I will try to shorten it up.

Anyway, back in November, I was feeling some happiness, because I have the high hopes that I have a chance of her. If you don’t get what I mean, I was in love with someone. That someone, maybe, don’t know about my feeling. So I have to force myself on being that close to her, so that when the right time comes, I can express what I want to say. Unfortunately, an incident made me change my point of view about her. It was just last Christmas when I found out about something: she has a special someone now. When I read the letter, which I won’t post it here, because she might be reading this blog, my heart was like, torn into pieces. I felt so sad and depressed during that time. I felt like, the urge to get her but not doing it because of one big factor. Right now, I’m trying to recover. I hope that won’t happen again, because some bad thoughts came into my mind, like, “I gotta go out and jump at the bridge” or “I will hang myself to death!”. Good thing there are these persons who really loves you and cares for you even in the hardest times of your life. I would like to express my sincere thanks and give a big hug to these persons, namely: Skeeterz, Fwendship, and my friends in our forum at PinoyPSP. Maybe I just need to improve myself more in terms of lovelife. Enough said, closed for this topic.

So how was your Christmas? If you gotta ask mine, well, it’s a mixture of happy and sad one. I will say that it’s a happy one since I received this for Christmas:

-My dream headphone, finally came true-

So yeah, I received that, surprisingly. Because what I was expecting to receive for Christmas is just a Philips GoGear Aria, and I said to myself, “I’m happy with it”, and this was unexpected. I was really happy and glad with it, that after the opening of gifts part, I directly connected it to my MP3 player. The baby’s spankin’ good. If I would write a review for it, I will give it a flat 10. Amazingly made Skullcandy headphone ever. I will treasure this thing forever.

By the way, I have a Tumblr now. Yay! Don’t forget to follow me: Blackhunter09@Tumblr. You might not find it that interesting, because I only reblog what others have posted. Main reason: still new to it. ^^; So don’t forget to swing by and have fun with it!

Also lately, I just discovered a trending site: It has been out since, but not that discovered by others, until someone found out about it, so its information spread like a wildfire. Basically, is a place where you can ask anything to a member, like let’s say, in my youmay check what they’re asking about me, and also you can ask me anything, even if you’re not a member of said site, because they have an anonymous feature. Cool isn’t it? So why not wait and register now! Also, don’t forget to follow me on said site, alright?

Speaking of fun, do you remember my post about Lockerz? Well, what I can say is, I’m doubting them now. Why? I might sound bias here, but in my case, I was banned because I was “caught” cheating. They didn’t thought that maybe, some of those whom he invited isn’t that active now, but I have no choice, and to accept the fact. Fortunately, they (might) have forgotten about it, and they didn’t remove me as their member. Yay! But I feel sad to some of my friends whom I’ve invited, because, the site said that instead of the prizes they’re supposed to claim, instead, they will receive a $50 Amazon GC. So meaning, the site itself could be a fake and bogus one, or they might be saying the truth that they have to settle things up before giving the prizes to the deserving ones. Anyway, I’m still happy that my account is there, alive and kicking.

Well I guess that’ll be for me tonight. Having fun isn’t always, there is also a time where tears run down the face. Gotta leave you with this statement:

“Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.”

-As said by Therese Poticano, from Readers’ Digest.

Now to give myself a rest from this things.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


P.S: I will write an entry sometime December 30, for my very own year-ender. Don’t forget to check by my blog. Thanks!

The Christmas of Blackhunter09, Some Other Entries [A Christmas Special]
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