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Satin Eclipse: Darkness Is Coming Cosplay Event

“Cosplaying isn’t just any extraordinary hobby, instead it is a passion with goals in mind.”

-First post for the month of November.-

Recently, I have attended a cosplay event entitled Satin Eclipse: Darkness Is Coming. I was so happy when I found out about it, since cosplay events are a bit of rare in my ears. And attending such events is an event that one otaku shouldn’t miss. And so I went there, bringing my *fail* Samsung S760. Fail because it doesn’t cooperate with me like I wanted it to be. It acts on its own like hanging up, taking shots without my action of clicking the capture button. I was so sad with the quality of pictures, so I asked my friends over at a forum to help me out in at least making the picture look more vivd, and unfortunately, it was also a fail. Now my camera is disappointing me, bigtime. Even though I want to buy the DSLR kind, I can’t since it’s so expensive that even if I want to buy a PSP game, I just simply can’t. Oh well, just gotta stick with it and live with it. Now, for some laughtrip, here is what my friend did to the picture:

Cool photo manipulation. LOL.

Aside from it, the environment was a bit of unpleasing to everyone, since people are crowded like fresh sardines. And what’s worse, since I’m in the front part, I can see clearly the whole event, so I can have good quality of pictures, but unfortuantely, other people are blocking my way. How unprofessional. They are supposed to be the good example of amateur photographers since they brought themselves the whole cool gear like the lens, stand and the like. But it didn’t turn out that way. I guess it’s better to stay in the side where there’s no archenemy.

Rest of the photos:

-The “Shinobi Group”

-The “Hellgirls” Group

-”Tobi Is A Good Boy”

(More of it in my photo page)

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I guess that’s it for me, leaving you out with this:

See you soon, later on my another entry.

Till then,
JHizole, out.

Satin Eclipse: Darkness Is Coming Cosplay Event
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