Hobcon 2010

Hobcon is one of the upcoming big events here in Cebu. It's the 2nd time that the organizers are doing the event, the 1st was last June 2009, in cooperation with Level Up! Games Philippines. While I'm so excited to be on the event, I just don't like how time flies so fast. I still don't have a costume for it. Lame of me. I was thinking of this certain character, but it doesn't fit with the theme of the event: "IMPERIA". More of the empire characters, to be exact. My character isn't suited for these, because it's for Halloween. But I might still do it soon. Clue: it's a gun.

Anyway, here are some details for this event:

October 3 - 9 IMPERIA EXHIBIT at The ACTIVE ZONE, Ayala.


October 10 - Cosplay Competition and Young Designers Fashion Competition at The ACTIVITY CENTER, Ayala Center Cebu

To know more about the guidelines, you may check it out here, on their Facebook page.

About the inter-school guidelines, you may check out the whole details here.

FAQ can be found here.

So, see you there!

Posted by Shun Hizori @ 10.02.2010

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