2nd J-Pop And Anime Singing Contest 2010

Hello readers. It's been a while since I have wrote an entry. Been busy with academic stuffs, so the time for me to write will be now limited. Anyway, an awesome event was held last Sunday, here on SM Cebu. Basically, the event was the way of the Philippines and Japan to celebrate the long time friendship between these two countries. It was really good, that it gave me hangovers. Usually, I never attend these events, since I'm thinking that it will be just basically a singing contest. But when the organizers added on their note that there would be a cosplay event, I decided to give it a go. And I was happy with my decision. They're just awesome, as always. So here are the pictures I took from the event. Sorry if it's a low quality, since I never used flash during the event. So here they are.

The stage, on my seat. I was sitting on the front part of the area.

One of the group bands.

Cute cosplayer. ^^

Super cute cosplayer. ^^

One of the band contestant, in a much closer look. They are more of the visual kei type.

Girls fighting with each other?

A friend of mine. It's a stolen shot. ^_^

Sweet vocaloid couple.

And the results:

The contestants.

They were then eliminated into 3. So here are the top 3:

Group #1

Group #2

Group #3

And the winner was group #3. Never heard of the song they sung, but their diction and audience impact was great, so I guess that's why they were chosen. I was expecting that the Visual Kei band would win it, but at least we have our own pride to compete to the finals, to be held in Manila.

So that's it. Keep coming back for some updates. I'll talk more of the random post, and of curse some Japanese cultures that have influenced me.

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Posted by Shun Hizori @ 7.06.2010

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