Hi everyone! Finally, school's out and I welcome myself to the time where every people likes it: summer. Yes, summer. It's a time where we do anything we want, as long as we can do it, because time is unlimited.

- I wish it's always like this.

Summer here is kinda early though since we're experiencing a phenomenon called as "El Nino", so it's way hotter around here. How bout you people, is it hot there?

Some might have noticed that I have been inactive around here. The reason why is that I was busy with school, as always though. But don't worry, I'll continue writing this summer, despite that hot weather. Also I haven't had time pursuing my photography, due to it. But this summer, I will be back on track. I don't like that it'll end up like somewhat because it's my passion, yet time doesn't allow it. I promise to myself that I will be back on everything I have left, except some bad memories from the past.

There might be some changes around here, but I guess it's unnoticeable since it's just a minor tweak under the hood. So you might notice that some widgets are being deleted and added. Doing such would mean more pleasure to you readers, and more fun!

Here are my list of activities this season:
1. Watch more Animes!
2. Attend more cosplay events.
3. Try to have a cosplay shoot.
4. Earn money for the next semester.
5. Enjoy the little things.
6. Save for a new camera + lens.
7. Save for new figmas!
8. Try to cosplay. ^^;
9. More addiction to Japanese Culture. :3

So that's it. Time to hit up the sack. Have a safe, enjoyable, and meaningful Holy Week to each and everyone. And don't forget to hit the beaches this summer alright?

I wish you all a...

Posted by Shun Hizori @ 3.27.2010

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